Axalta Colors

<strong>CAS311                                                     CAS311 CAS316                                                         CAS316 CAS340                                                        CAS340 CAS344                                                        CAS344 CAS352                                                       CAS352 CAS367                                                    CAS367 CAS371                                                    CAS371 CAS376                                                   CAS376 CAS380                                                     CAS380 CAS384                                                     CAS384 CAS399                                                    CAS399 CAS404                                                    CAS404 CAS406                                                    CAS406 CAS408                                                     CAS408 CAS412                                                        CAS412 CAS414                                                       CAS414 CAS416                                                        CAS416 CAS436                                                        CAS436 CAS438                                                        CAS438 CAS440                                                       CAS440 CAS444                                                       CAS444 CAS446                                                       CAS446 CAS448                                                        CAS448 CAS468                                                        CAS468 CAS470                                                        CAS470 CAS472                                                        CAS472 CAS476                                                        CAS476 CAS478                                                       CAS478 CAS480                                                        CAS480 CAS500                                                       CAS500 CAS502                                                        CAS502 CAS504                                                        CAS504 CAS506                                                        CAS506 CAS508                                                       CAS508 CAS510                                                        CAS510 CAS512                                                        CAS512 CAS532CAS532 CAS534CAS534 CAS536CAS536 CAS540CAS540 CAS542CAS542 CAS544CAS544 CAS564CAS564 CAS566                                                        CAS566 CAS568                                                        CAS568 CAS572                                                        CAS572 CAS574                                                        CAS574 CAS576                                                        CAS576 CAS608                                                         CAS608


The selections and colors you see on your left are the most accurate depiction of appearance and finish we can represent on a computer screen. Different screens and monitors may skew colors or have a limited color gamut and may not properly represent the colors shown. Results vary based on application conditions.

Peerless Coatings is now an

Approved Applicator of

Alesta AR

Architectural Mult-Metals

by Axalta Coating Systems